Chilli Aji Mochero is a distinctive variety of chili pepper known for its unique flavor and heat. This pepper originates from Peru and is cherished for its fruity and slightly citrusy taste, making it an excellent addition to a variety of culinary dishes.

Chilli Aji Mochero grows as a compact, bushy plant that reaches about 60-90 cm in height. The peppers are small, typically around 3-5 cm long, and mature from green to a bright yellow or orange color. The plant is relatively easy to grow and can be cultivated in containers or garden beds.

To grow Chilli Aji Mochero from seed, start by preparing the seeds. Soak them in warm water for 12-24 hours to help soften the seed coat and improve germination. Fill seed trays or small pots with a well-draining seed-starting mix, and plant the seeds about 0.5 cm deep. Place the trays or pots in a warm, sunny location, ideally with a temperature of 25-30°C. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

Germination should occur within 7-14 days. Once the seedlings have developed two to three true leaves, they can be transplanted into larger pots or directly into the garden. When planting in the garden, ensure that the soil is rich, well-draining, and has been amended with compost or organic matter. Space the plants about 45-60 cm apart to allow for adequate air circulation and growth.

Chilli Aji Mochero plants require full sun and should receive at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day. Water the plants regularly to maintain even soil moisture, but avoid overwatering as this can lead to root rot. Mulching around the plants can help retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.

Fertilize the plants every 3-4 weeks with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer to promote healthy growth and fruit production. Keep an eye out for common pests such as aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites, and treat infestations promptly with appropriate organic or chemical controls. Additionally, ensure good air circulation around the plants to minimize the risk of fungal diseases.

Harvest the peppers when they have reached their full color and size, typically 75-90 days after planting. Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the peppers from the plant, leaving a small portion of the stem attached. Regular harvesting can encourage the plant to produce more fruit throughout the growing season.

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