These cute 100% cotton masks are hand made by a friend of mine. Very nicely made, they are in various patterns – add a bit of fun or look mysterious – whatever you like! The elastic ear straps are adjustable, each mask is individually wrapped. But the best thing is they are totally reusable and washable!

We have got various patterns, foxes, rabbits, giraffes, bright, world traveller, horses, owls, sunshine, rose colours… we have even got Dr Zuess! And many more! You can add a pattern you prefer in the comments at checkout, we will try to give you what you want but if we can’t we will send the next best thing 🙂

These are not intended for medical use but for general use where protection from particles in the air is needed. Re-usable – each mask is wrapped for protection.

If bacteria or fungi are already present in low numbers, they can quickly grow to very high numbers in optimal conditions. This includes many bacteria in soil that can cause problems in people – such as strains of nocardia (causes nocardiosis, an infection of the lungs or whole body), legionella (causes Legionnaires’ disease), and clostridium (causes tetanus).

Potting mix is usually a mixture of inorganic and organic material. It’s also often at a higher temperature compared to soil because of where and how it’s stored, so it retains heat for longer. Bacteria and fungi generally grow better and reach higher numbers when they are in moist and warm environments.

Numerous fungi can also be present in soil and potting mix. In certain areas of the world, soil contains fungi that can invade if inhaled and cause disease. These include the lung infection histoplasmosis, which is caused by a fungus that lives mainly in parts of the United States, but also in some parts of Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

The risk to most people of becoming infected with any of these bacterial or fungal diseases is very low. Disease is more likely to be a risk when the micro-organisms are present in very high numbers.

Bacteria or fungi also need to be introduced into our bodies to cause disease. This usually happens through inhalation, where the organisms go into the lungs. It can also occur through the skin, such as with the chronic fungal infection sporotrichosis, also known as “rose gardener’s disease”. If, for any reason, micro-organisms are present in high numbers, then the exposure and risk will be higher.

There are many things we can do to protect ourselves from introducing bacteria or fungi into our bodies. The most essential is basic hygiene.

If people smoke, eat or drink without first washing their hands, they are at an increased risk of legionella infection from potting mix. This implies direct inhalation isn’t the only way for the bacteria to enter the body, but that oral intake of micro-organisms via contaminated hands is also a risk.

Another added protection measure is wearing gloves. This doesn’t mean you should then not wash your hands before eating. A physical barrier in addition to washing hands obviously provides better protection.

Masks can be worn in high-risk situations, such as when opening a bag of potting mix. Directing the bag away from yourself when opened, and being in a well-ventilated area, will decrease any inhalation risk.

People who have a lower immunity, such as those with diseases such as HIV or lymphoma, diabetes, any immunosuppressant use, or generally older in age are more at risk of catching something from potting mix. So it’s even more important they use extra appropriate precautions, including wearing masks when in higher-risk situations.

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