Sakata’s are about the size of a large grapefruit, with delicious almost honeydew-esque light green flesh and a very thin pale rind. Like many Asian melons they are often picked while there is still a light crispness to the flesh and the skin has just begun to turn a light yellowish green.
The flavour is super sweet like a perfectly ripe honeydew but the texture is more crispy like an apple. How to eat: Cut off the outer skin and cut into wedges. The seeds are edible and we highly recommend eating them for the full flavour experience!
Sakata’s Sweet melon is a smaller, softball-sized melon with a grey-green skin that turns a yellow-green colour when ripe. The shape is not quite round, with a distinct pucker at the stem base. Whereas most melon stems will detach from the plant when ripe, the stem of the Sakata’s Sweet melon must be cut from the plant as soon as the leaves begin to discolour. The edible skin of the heirloom melon is thin and the yellow-green flesh is crisp and fragrant. Sakata’s Sweet melon looks much like a honeydew melon in colouring and has a similar flavour profile. The flesh is juicy.

Sakata’s Sweet melon is often eaten raw similarly to honeydew melons. In some Asian cultures the melons are harvested when just slightly under-ripe and used for pickling, adding the perfect balance of sweet and sour to chicken curry salads. Cut into wedges for a sweet summer snack or into bite-sized pieces to add to fruit or savory salads. The flesh blends nicely into a smooth consistency for beverages and chilled soups. The Sakata’s Sweet melon will keep at room temperature for up to a week once ripe. Cut melon should be kept refrigerated and consumed within four days.

Only recently appearing in western markets, Sakata’s Sweet melons were grown in Japan and China for centuries. The seeds for this heirloom melon were released by the Sakata Seed Co. in Yokohama, Japan. The seeds have found a market with home gardeners in both the United States and abroad.

Pic By randychiu – korean melon adventure 1, CC BY 2.0,
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