The popular Red Amposta heirloom onion variety produces medium-sized red onions that are just slightly sweet in flavour, making them an excellent option for eating raw on sandwiches and in salads!

These onions are an intermediate-day variety, meaning they need an average amount of daylight to start forming their bulbs—around 12–14 hours.

We suggest planting this variety in the early Spring to allow the plants to grow to a decent size before the bulb formation begins, as bigger plants will mean bigger bulbs!

Grows best when started in cool weather and will begin to create bulbs when temperatures start to rise in the early summer. Because of its frost tolerance, this onion variety can be planted very early in the spring as soon as soil is workable.

This variety of onion is ready to harvest when about half of the leaves have fallen over and turned brown. You can bend the tops over to speed drying once they have begun to yellow. To cure onions, first loosen the soil around the plants. After a few days, use a garden fork to turn the soil and bring onions to the surface of the ground. Leave them to dry in the sun, or move to a place where you know they will remain dry for 7–10 days. Onions can cure either hanging or on an elevated screen. Harvest time should be in late summer before temperature begin to drop as cool weather may cause rotting.

If you want to harvest onions as spring onions / scallions, you can pull them up a few weeks after you plant them.

STORAGE: Onions that have been cured, either outside on the soil surface or indoors in a warm, dry area, will store for longer. Keep them at 5 to 15 degrees in a dark, well-ventilated place for up to 2 months. If your onions begin to sprout, don’t worry, they should still be safe to eat. You can even use the green part as you would use a scallion. Don’t store near apples or potatoes. Keep onions in the refrigerator for 1–2 weeks.

Grow Notes
Prefers full sun in well-draining soil.

Sow direct or raise seedlings in early Spring, by planting seeds at a depth of 5mm, with 10cm plants spacing and 30cm between rows.

Keep soil moist, not wet.

5-10 days at 20-25°C

180 – 210 days.

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