Grow regionally: Pick varieties that will do well in your particular area. If your growing season is shorter, select types that mature faster. For hotter climates, select heat-tolerant varieties.
Mulch: Spread a layer of compost or other organic matter around plants, not right up to the stems as this can cause rot. This will help conserve water, suppress weeds, and cool soil temperatures.
Watering: Water plants in the morning to reduce evaporation and avoid foliar diseases. Drip irrigation helps conserve water and reduces disease due to overhead watering. Proper watering is especially crucial when fruits are forming. Never water overhead, direct water onto the soil around the roots.
Provide shade: Crops such as greens, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and beetroot benefit from partial shade during the hottest part of the day, particularly in warmer climates. Plant in a site that receives protection from hot afternoon sun or use a shade cloth.
Plant successively: Re-sow crops such as bush beans, beetroot, and lettuce every couple of weeks throughout the summer for continuous harvest. Start Autumn harvesting crops in mid to late summer.
Harvest: Pick crops early or late in the day. Produce will stay crisper, fresher and more flavourful than vegetables harvested during the heat of the day.
Grow Flowers: Bees and other beneficial insects love flowers and if your veggies need pollination then drawing them in with some well placed flowers will keep them coming and make your garden even nicer to be in!
Check often: Insects of the annoying kind can decimate your crops in a short space of time, check your veggies often and remove the ones you can and treat the ones that you can’t. Consider planting a decoy crop such as American Upland Cress which has a high ratio of saponins, the cabbage moths love this stuff and will lay eggs on it and leave your crops alone. Sadly for them, when the caterpillars hatch, they eat and die, saponins are soaps – caterpillars cannot stomach it and will not survive a few bites! We have this in store at https://wendysgarden.com.au/product/cress-american-upland/
Enjoy your summer harvests! Nothing tastes better than home grown!