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How Wendy’s Garden Works

Welcome to Wendy’s Garden, open 24/7 for anything and everything for your garden!

Our seeds start from as low as 25c a packet and we offer free gifts, competitions, garden themed products, garden implements and even garden themed jewellery, so you don’t want to miss out!

After you shop, items in your shopping cart are available until you checkout or cancel but keep in mind – if it’s a popular item and other customers who’ve bought it check out before you do, you might miss out! So check out as soon as you can to secure your precious items! After you order, we keep you informed about its progress via email.

If you have any issues with our service or items just touch base with us! Please email us at admin@wendysgarden.com.au for a quick reply and a speedy resolution to your query!

Free Gifts!

To show you how much we appreciate you buying with us, we’ll give you a free gift with your order, which you’ll see in your cart when you’re ready to check out. That’s right, every time, no matter how much or little you spend! Then, if you spend $25 or more you get another gift, another one at $50, and another for every $50 you spend! Gifts can include free seed packets, garden tools, garden themed jewellery and more!

About Wendy

Wendy grew up surrounded by seeds, plants and gardeners! Her grandfather was a market gardener in the UK and many of her family and friends are also in the business of growing. Having access to so many contacts and with the in-depth knowledge that comes of being surrounded with seeds all her life really helped when it was time to go into business.

Wendy started her Facebook page Wendy’s Garden of Rare Seeds, back on October 22, 2015, a page borne out of her frustration at not being able to buy the seeds she wanted at home in Western Australia, where we have some of the strictest quarantine and bio-security laws in the world (and rightly so! We value our environment!)

The Facebook Group was a way of sourcing interesting seeds locally and legally and sharing the best advice and tips on how to plant and raise them. With so many friends and peers clamouring for seeds and how to grow them Wendy started selling some of her stash on the page. It’s hard to believe now, but her first sale only had about 10 items!

Since launching with 400 members eager to buy rare seeds, Wendy’s Garden Pty Ltd now has over 8000 happy gardeners from all levels of expertise and all walks of life all over Australia, some of them big names in gardening circles!

Wendy’s sales on Facebook grew to anywhere from 150 to 300 items and because of constantly changing rules about their marketing, selling and search algorithms, we simply outgrew it. Although it’s still the place for lively discussion, swapping tips and sharing photos and video of everyone’s plants and gardens, it was time to launch our own web presence.

Wendy’s become a trusted source in the rare seeds world over the years and we’ve gone from strength to strength, now selling Australia wide.

But as we’ve grown it’s become even more important to look after the environment. Wendy’s dedicated to looking after the planet and everything we do, from advertising to packaging, includes careful thought about reducing our carbon footprint.

About Our Customers

Our customers not only love our products, they love our approach, the care we take and the personal touch Wendy and the Wendy’s Garden crew bring. Just look at what some of our happy gardeners have said about us…

Nowhere else do we get the colour and variety at such a bargain price

Thanks so much for reaching out! We are very happy with the order and all the little gifts which came together with it. 🙂  So happy that I’m putting together another order already 🙂 Appreciate how quick it was too! Thank you!

I love the idea of supporting small businesses, love buying rare and heirloom seeds, love plants that the bees and butterflies are attracted to, and love seeing the range of interesting plants that Wendy discovers and purchases.

No problem is too much and is dealt with honestly and quickly. Thanks Wendy

Love the idea of being able to purchase the ‘odd’ veggie or plant.

You have an amazing variety of plants I can’t get elsewhere!! Just gorgeous!

I am able to buy the most exotic and hard to find seeds without leaving the comfort of my home, while Wendy does the hard yakka to source them. Wendy, you really do provide a fantastic service and always put the needs of this group first. Please look after yourself so our wonderful gardens may continue to flourish. Thankyou !

Your always so helpful, you have so many different seeds, it’s fantastic.

Love the seed sale as I feel Wendy is like the butterfly adding colour and beauty to our gardens. Please keep it up! Thanks.

So great to get seeds not normally available to us in WA.

Love seeing the beautiful foods & flowers on here & now some beautiful butterflies too!

It’s such fun!

I love different vegetables and flowers, because no-one else in the street can match the colours and tastes that we get with Wendy’s Seeds!

So many yummy fruits for my son to grow!

Being in rural WA, Wendy’s seeds have been the best and most affordable way to get great quality seeds direct to me – awesome variety, awesome service, and now a huge collection of seeds!!

I’m addicted to your seed sales as there is always something unusual and beautiful to grow. Growing gardens makes me so happy.

I love your seed sales Wendy as I have seen the most beautiful plants, flowers and even veggies that I would have never known about. Also, my knowledge and growing skills on these & all other known plants, flowers has grown considerably. I’m just super hooked on seeds now. And you’re an Aussie with a good heart

Its exciting, from waiting for the first post to appear on the page to having the seeds arrive in the mail … It’s like my birthday every time!

I love the variety!

I have never been in a group like this…but…it is a fantastic idea and gives people a chance to get some totally unusual plants that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Thank you for allowing me into your wonderful group…

We get unusual plants than what is around!

I have a very small garden and I have to be selective with the plants I grow so Wendy’s Rare Seeds gives me the choice to grow plants that I won’t find in shops at the same time growing edibles to supplement my diet and pretty plants to feed my soul.

I love your seed sales and even though I’m new it will help me develop my lovely vegie and flower gardens to enjoy for years to come. You have many rare and unusual seeds that I wouldn’t have known existed. I look forward to a bright garden I can sit and observe with the pleasure of growing them myself. Thankyou Wendy!

I love your seeds they have a better germination rate compared to store bought and also best part I don’t have to leave my house to get them

Been getting seeds from Wendy for a few years never disappointed

I’ve enjoyed Wendy’s seeds from the start. I love the variety available & the heritage seeds. I’ve always received great service and the few issues I’ve had pop up have been dealt with quickly & efficiently. I will continue to use & suggest to others, Wendy’s seeds

My first order was with some apprehension. Well that soon disappeared with the friendly service and the ease of resolving any questions. A truly ethical business.