All the Seeds You Need

I hope your days have been spent in the garden this week! It’s such a beautiful place to be! I thought I might explain something that many people comment on and when we explain what we do it for they love it! When you buy seeds from many places you will also get lots of useless paper and plastic along with it!

Also you may be charged a huge sum for them because they sent you a gazillion seeds you didn’t need and will eventually waste even though you carefully try to preserve them for “next time”.

Most of us have a smallish garden that we need to carefully plan as although we would love to grow everything, we just don’t have the space. And if we do have the space then we certainly don’t need 300 cabbages to fill it completely up!

At Wendy’s Garden we send a season’s worth of seeds for the normal gardener, we don’t flood you with endless seeds at a high price, we reduce the seed count and the price accordingly.

Many of our seed types are kind of rare so it makes sense to limit the seed counts – and we love to make the seeds as cheap as we can make them. So, we send you what you will need to start you off and we hope when you grow them you will then collect your own seeds and never have to buy them from us again!

It doesn’t make business sense to do that of course but it does make sense to our mission which is to make rare plants more accessible to all! And it stops your guilt at having to eventually throw away precious seeds that are now out of date! We already feel guilty enough in this world without that as well!

So we send you the right amount of seeds for what most of you will need, of course if you need more you can contact our customer service or just buy extra packets – our prices mean that you can afford to buy just what you need for your garden! Have a wonderful week of growing!

Cheers, Wendy