Time to get your Frangipani seeds on the go people! Remember that each one you grow you get to name! So you can name yours after your Mum, the kids, your favourite band or even the pets! You can have a forest of beautiful flowers and each one named by you! Right now 20 seeds will only set you back $7.99 while we have our special on! It’s a great way of expanding your collection too with something never seen before!
They will germinate inside very readily and then you get a head start on the warmer weather to come (not like it feels like it today but it will be here! )
They are very easy to plant, they look like small fish, stick them straight in standing up with the tail section sticking out of the soil, make sure it is free draining soil, keep them moist, not wet, the speed of germination depends on outside heat . Frost tender – bring them inside or cover with a cloth or tarp if frost is forecast. Do not overwater or keep them in bathrooms.
There are other ways to plant them:
1. Cut slits in a foam meat tray, put the seeds in the slits with the tail sticking up and float them on water until the roots grow. Plant into soil once roots form.
2. Put them on a plate with a paper towel on it, dampen the towel, put the seeds on laying down and another paper towel piece on the top. Keep the towel moist and watch for germination. Plant into soil once roots form.
3. Put them on a paper towel, put the whole thing in a zip lock lunch bag, dampen the paper towel and close the zip lock, place in a warm spot and check often for germination. Plant into soil once roots form.
We know you will enjoy growing your seeds!
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We have two mixes of seeds:
Hot Mix for deeper colours:
Wendy’s Special Mix for a wide variety of colours: