You will need:

  • Eggshells: With the top third of each shell removed.
  • Cotton wool or paper towel: To hold moisture and support seed growth.
  • Seeds: Cress, microgreens, or sprouts are all great choices.
  • Decorations: Anything you like such as textas, paints, googly eyes, sequins, pom-poms – whatever you have on hand for personalising your eggheads.


Prepare your eggshells

Save your opened eggs or crack and remove the top third of new ones.  Empty the contents into a container and pop into the fridge to be used later (delicious cupcakes anyone?).

Thoroughly wash and dry the remaining two thirds of the shells to get them ready for decorating and planting.

Get creative!

Unleash your creativity here! They can simply draw a face on the eggshell or decorate it with whatever you have on hand for decorating. You could base your egg head around your favourite book or TV character – or even a family member – or conjure something up from your imagination. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – anything goes!

Once the eggshells have been decorated, pop them into an empty egg carton while they dry.

Next – it’s planting time!

  1. Moisten some cotton wool or a piece of paper towel and gently place it inside each eggshell. It should be damp but not wet.
  2. Sprinkle a teaspoon of your chosen seeds on top of the cotton wool/paper towel.

Growing your egg heads

  1. Place the eggshells in a warm and well-lit spot, such as a sunny windowsill (but not in direct sunlight or they may dry out too quickly).
  2. Keep the cotton wool damp by checking it daily and adding a few drops of water when needed.

Harvest time

Once the seeds sprout (from 1 to a few days) and the ‘hair’ reaches a few centimetres tall, it’s time to harvest. Cut the greens and enjoy them in a sandwich or salad.

Once harvested, you can start the process over again with new cotton wool/kitchen paper and seeds!