How We Help the Environment (And You Can Too)

RainforestI hope you are all enjoying the rain and are on time to get your garden prepared for the new season! Last time we talked about re-using packaging materials to grow your seeds, seedlings and plants and this time we will talk about using cardboard, paper and similar materials that will compost down eventually but you can get extra value from right now! We often send out recycled cardboard seed boxes and paper with your invoice on it.

It’s kind of unavoidable though we do use ‘light’ ink and recycled paper and try to limit it where we can. The seed boxes we send out can be reused easily by removing the small pieces of tape from the sides and spreading them out.

You can dampen this cardboard and place it around your seedlings – this will keep down any weed seeds that wish to stifle your wanted plant and it will also compost down and provide nutrients!

It is not coated so it won’t keep the water out and will actually keep the soil from drying out underneath! The seed boxes can also be used to grow your seeds on! For seeds that you wish to sow direct into the garden -dampen the box and pierce the cardboard with evenly spaced holes, put the cardboard down on your soil and drop the seeds into the small holes, cover with sand or other soil and water in.

This will keep your seeds in place, protect them from being overrun with weeds and will keep the damp close to them. It really does work! Have a great growing week!

Cheers, Wendy