Planning for Spring

SpringHowdy all! This week should see everyone starting to plan on what they want to grow this coming season! Spring is a big one for growing and many seeds can be started off! But please do make sure that you protect your precious seedlings from the extremes of weather we have been seeing lately!

Frost can kill your seedlings overnight as the water vapour turns to ice and basically freezes leaves into slush! Many gardeners will tell you horror stories of how they lost entire crops and precious plants after a frosty night! But you can take simple steps to avoid this problem and the answer to it all is very simple – cover it up! In order to protect your plants you need to cover them with something to protect them.

A plastic lid on top of your seed tray, a cloche (glass or plastic dome) an old cotton sheet thrown over the top of your plants, a tarp gently laid over or a cardboard box placed over the top of your favourites can save them from those icy fingers!

If frost is forecast, get out there before the light goes down and cover them up, once it’s about 8am and the sun is up you can uncover them all again. It might be a bit of an annoyance but in most places frost is not something that happens much and if a little bit of effort can save you from a whole lot of heartache then it’s worth it!

If you think you might forget, simply tell Siri to remind you at 6pm to check the forecast! Have a peaceful and happy growing week!

Cheers, Wendy