Carrots, scientifically known as Daucus carota, are root vegetables that belong to the Apiaceae family. They are widely cultivated and consumed worldwide for their crisp texture, sweet flavor, and nutritional value. Did you know that carrots are believed to have originated in Central Asia, with wild varieties still found in regions such as Afghanistan and Iran. They have been cultivated for thousands of years and have been bred into numerous varieties with different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Berlicum carrots originated in Holland, a bright orange colour, it’s a medium sized chunky carrot with very little core, very sweet and with a rounded end. It’s a mid to late variety so you can have carrots over a longer time period. Easy to get going, these seeds are guaranteed 100% organic.

Grow Notes
Carrots do not need full sun, but they require a minimum of six hours per day. However, the more sunlight your garden can get, the better.

Carrots need a good quality, well worked-over, friable (lightly textured) soil to produce a long, straight taproot. Carrots grown in clay and compacted soils will be stumpy and have multiple forks. Avoid feeding your Carrot plants too much fertiliser as this can also encourage forking.

Try to remove any small rocks from the soil too as they’ll cause forking if the carrot root grows into them. Carrots can be grown in full sun or in a location that receives light shade for part of the day.

Sow direct in Spring, Summer or Autumn. Carrot seeds are quite small so mix with sand or fine potting mix prior to sowing or use a seed dispense (we have that in store now).

Plant seed 5mm deep. You can either sow several seed into each planting hole spaced 4cm apart or alternatively you can sow more densely along a trench, with rows 25cm apart.

After 4 weeks thin to healthy seedlings leaving about a 4cm gap between seedlings. Sow a few seed every week to ensure a continuing supply of delicious carrots.

Keep soil moist but never wet.

Protect young seedlings from pests, pets and weather until they are established.

14-21 days at 10-30°c

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