Reusing Your Packaging

RecyclingThis week has been manic! Lots of work to be done both on our website and at home preparing for the new growing season! Many people have asked us about how they can recycle the postage and packing they receive – since COVID so many more people are using online shopping as their first port of call when they need to purchase something. And now we are being inundated with boxes, bags and satchels, butchers paper and bubble wrap galore! Sometimes we can re-use it to post our own parcels but mostly it gets added to the bin.

But there are ways and means of using it and I will talk about a few of those here! Red satchels and those grey satchel looking bags can be easily reused as plant containers. Grab one of the cardboard boxes you have and your waste satchels.

Tape the corners down on the bottom so the satchel will sit up, fold from the side seam and under the bottom, then tape it. Fill with your potting mix and using a knife, screwdriver or scissors, pierce holes along the bottom for drainage.

Stand them up inside your box making sure that the tops rise above the edge of the box itself. Plant your seeds, seedlings or plants into the soil and give them a good water. After a few days you should be able to remove the satchels from the box as they will have formed into something that will stand up. If not, just leave them in there!

Most satchels will degrade and after a season you will need to refresh them but I am sure by that time you will have more to use! You can grow a tomato plant from start to finish in a satchel, avoiding nematode attack and even using a stake along the side of the satchel!

If you need a smaller “pot” simply roll the top down. The soil left when you remove the plant can be tipped onto the garden or into the wheelbarrow, refreshed with manure and compost and used again! You might even find that worms and beneficial insects will have moved in! Have a great growing week!

Cheers, Wendy