Welcome! We are officially open for business!

Well! We launched the website and I am so thankful and grateful to those that came and shopped and had fun on our site! We added a pile of new seeds and merchandise and the sale went well! We are still open now and we think we might leave it open for longer so that everyone gets a chance to go see it!

But we have had our fair share of glitches! First we couldn’t see the page, then some browsers wouldn’t work, then we had disappearing carts and postage calculations that were wildly incorrect and shocked the heck out of some customers! So we have been refunding and fixing and checking things endlessly! We have had to employ another web guru to try and fix things up!

We hope our sales continue to grow and get better, the more we sell the cheaper Australia Post is going to be so even satchels will come down in price! Which is great! I hope everyone had fun with the sale and will come to our next sale on the 10th of October 2021.

Happy growing!