Wendy’s Garden is nearly live!

Here we are on the verge of our first ever website sale! I wanted to take some time to thank everyone for their patience and kindness!

I especially wish to thank my dear hubby Drew for his seemingly never ending work on the graphic design aspects of the website and for liaising with our web designer to get it all off the ground and my staff for being so patient and for their helpful suggestions. Without everyone supporting this venture I can’t see how it would have gotten off the ground!

This weekend we are testing the site and if all goes well we will be having our first sale on the 19th of September! We have lots of seeds stockpiled to sell and new merchandise that I think everyone will love including singing and dancing cactus plants! Too cool! I hope you enjoy our first sale on our new website! Onwards and upwards from here!

Until the next time just keep growing!

Cheers, Wendy